As a singer-


Alicyn’s original music combines lush vocals and poetic lyrics into a melodic indie folk/pop sound that is reminiscent of Jewel and Norah Jones.

Her acoustic stylings are like herself; playful, thoughtful and homegrown. Songs like “Cartwheels” and “I’ll Always Be Your Friend” have a homespun charm that’s instantly engaging and memorable. Alicyn has also had her songwriting featured on the television show “Space Racers”.



Alicyn’s debut release, The Heartbeat of the Universe EP, sonically depicts Alicyn’s journey through self-discovery, heartbreak and motherhood set in the timeless landscapes of Southern California.

An inspired portrait of personal revelations, the five-track EP, accompanied by five original music videos, offers a beautifully poetic infusion of positivity and raw emotion. Heartbeat of the Universe is available for purchase on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, SoundCloud and YouTube.

Listen to the album:

Heartbeat of the Universe: Music Videos

Comedy Music Videos